Millionaires in Australia

Millionaires in Australia


Australia is an extremely popular destination for millionaires from around the world. Nowhere is this fact best represented than in the millionaire population boom that's occurred over the past decade or so. As of 2019, there are around 1.16 millionaires living in Australia, which is more millionaires than countries like Russia and Hong Kong. Of that 1.16 million, there are around 3000 people living in Australia with a net worth of over $50 million; this figure jumped by 30% in the year 2017 alone and continues to grow at an exponential rate.


Why Millionaires Love Australia


One of the reasons why Australia is such a popular destination among millionaires--both international and Australian millionaires alike--is the fact that Australia has no inheritance tax, has less fluctuating income taxes, and is considered a financially stable place to live with business ties to wealthy nations such as Japan and South Area. Millionaires in Australia are often people who have made the financial decision to stay in the country in order to avoid paying hefty inheritance taxes and to avoid heavily fluctuating markets overseas.


Millionaires Dating


With a growing number of millionaire men and millionaire women in the country, it is only natural that the platform for millionaire’s singles and people interested in dating Australia millionaires has grown along with the millionaire population.


Millionaires dating, like other forms of exclusive dating, is an elite form of dating that is designed to cater towards millionaires and—to an extent—the non-millionaires who want to date them. There are a few distinct types of dating platforms available to millionaires in Australia:



  • Elite to elite dating; in other words, millionaires looking for other millionaires

  • Elite singles looking for any matches; in other words, millionaires who are looking for matches from any wealthy bracket

  • Sugar dating; sugar daddy and/or sugar baby dating where wealthy millionaires are interested in a financial relationship

Of these three primary types of dating, the first two are considered to be the most common.


Millionaire Dating Tips


Millionaire dating in Australia can be complex, especially if you aren’t familiar with the dating scene or you don’t know where you should start. The following tips are some essential tips to follow when you’re going to enter into the dating scene of Australia’s millionaires.


1. Look for millionaire dating sites


If you’re a millionaire looking to exclusively match up with other millionaires, then you should look for an elite millionaire dating site that caters specifically to your income bracket. These types of sites will include an income verification check so that you can make sure the people you are messaging, matching and dating fall within a certain income bracket. Some of these sites may also allow people who aren’t millionaires in, but this is typically denoted on their membership profiles so that you can avoid matching or contacting them if that is your preference.


If you’re a millionaire who doesn’t care about the income of the person they match with, you can also find plenty of “millionaire dating sites” which are designed to match up people of various income brackets with millionaires.


And if you’re not a millionaire but are interested in dating one, you’re in luck! The same types of dating sites listed above also allow for non-millionaires who are interested in finding millionaires for potential dating and hookup matches.


2. Craft a strong profile on millionaire dating sites


One of the keys to online dating, regardless of how much your net worth is, is having a strong online profile. Your profile should, first and foremost, have an excellent profile photo of you at the helm. For best results, take a photo in natural lighting and make sure that the pose and angle are flattering for your face and body while still showcasing your real features. Avoid photos taken with flash or in otherwise dark lighting and avoid any photos featuring other people—the potential matches on dating sites want to see you, not your friends!


3. Be open and honest about your preferences


The key to successful millionaire dating, whether you’re a millionaire or in a different income bracket is being open and honest about your dating preferences. Are you looking for casual hookups that are fun and flirty? Or are you interested in potentially forming a long-term relationship? The more open you can be about what you’re looking for, the easier it will be to find the right millionaire matches for you.


4. Practice common sense regarding personal information


As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid revealing excessive personal information on any online dating site. Avoid anyone who seems to be asking to many personal questions, especially if it’s about things such as your income or items that you own. You should also avoid giving out your address or other identifiable contact information, at least until you know the person you are matching with well enough to feel that they can be trusted with that information.


If you do plan to meet with your match, make sure your first meeting is in a public place and tell someone the details about your date; you can also arrange for a ‘safety check’ during your date with a friend or family member that can call or text you so that if, for whatever reason, you need to leave the date you will have an “out.”


Final Thoughts on Millionaires in Australia


The number of millionaires living in Australia continues to grow by the hundreds of thousands every year, with no signs that this boom in the millionaire population will be slowing down anytime soon. This is excellent news for anyone who is interested in millionaire dating, as every new millionaire in Australia means countless new people who will be signing up for millionaire dating apps and putting themselves out there on the market.


If you’re interested in millionaire dating, make sure you follow the above tips to increase your chances of making great matches. And remember, when it comes to finding potential dates: have fun!


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